I get it… you are here because you are looking for an answer to the inconsistency. You want to manage the nerves, you know you have done all the training and you are not feeling it converting or you are starting to question, am I really good enough?

Hey, that was me. A struggling martial artist (Tae Kwon Do) I was travelling 2 weeks a month in my career, I was very good and fighting yet, very inconsistent. I had huge pressures financially as the sport paid nothing.

I found the solution just as you have now…

This program is priced

at $495 USD and has

over $2,800 of value

This heavily discounted price is to bring this into the price point of every athlete... now there is no excuse to have the best mindset specialist as


Secret of the Champions Revealed...


What is it that World Champions have that many don’t?


How is it, they have the ability to convert training into results?


How are they able to perform at the highest level when it counts?


How do they manage to do less training and get better results?


How can they block out crowds, media, noise and switch into competiton mode instantly?


What is their secret?

MINDSET - You can do all the training in the world and if your head is not switched on when needed… the training is irrelevant.


Become Your Best Self

A golfer can have a $895 driver in their hands and potentially be the world #1, if they put pressure on themselves to win… they may as well just use hired clubs.

I am frustrated by athletes at the top of there game failing at the critical moment. I know I have the skills to help them and they just need to do a few things differently and they can be on the podium.

And now the price has been reduced so you have access to the same tools and resources that the elite in sport are using... for just $495.00 USD

1996 was my time to get serious about sport...

The solution for me was hypnosis, it was an incredible lady who had been in clinical practice for 20+ years and she just happened to be my Mum!

I was explaining my situation before one of my black belt grading's and she said, I will help you!

Anyway, there I was with my eyes closed thinking … ‘really??? How can this help?’ 2 hours later, I was at training, a changed man, confident, fast, powerful and I was transformed. My instructor commented ‘what are you on tonight?’ that 2 hours changed, my sport, my results and my life.

My life has transformed soo much that I left my job, left my marriage and started up a business 13 years ago, just so I can help just 1 athlete achieve the best they can and so they did not have to go through the absolute lows I have in my life after injury took my dream of the Olympics away in 2000.

All the tools, knowledge and resources I have acquired over the last 13 years professionally. 23 years over all with the benefits of using Hypnosis. Over 8500 clients sessions have all been condensed, fine-tuned and tested before this 8 week program was ready for release.

I have been more than generous with this information in sharing the success secrets of the elite.

If you don’t think that hypnosis and more specifically sports hypnosis will work for you, please email me the names of your competitors!

This works... if you work at it, and incredibly well, this is why I have created the online program, I am not able to get to everyone who really need help. I am being selfish by keeping my services to the few and the the ones close and that have the budget for the full programs.

What's Included?

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon Program will allow you to gain an incredible insight into how champions really win. You already have the sport and technical knowledge and applying this to your own performance can be as much as a 9% reduction in time in less than 2 months (this is real documented evidence from an athlete who was already a National Champion)

I’m giving you the chance to become a champion and enrol in my online ‘Athlete’s Secret Weapon’ program which consists of…

8 weeks of intense and workable peak performance mindset power tools which will get you to a point that training and competition takes on a whole new feel.


Broken down chunks of information and homework every week


A replica of the typical structure that my elite athletes follow with one on one sessions.


Access to the same tools that these world champions have ‘secretly’ utilised for decades.


MP3 downloads, processes and videos delivered directly to your inbox every week

Accessible to you wherever you happen to be in the world

Secret forum/ group for that, all important mastermind support, critical to anyone with a pre-determined goal and vision, whether that’s a gold medal, sponsorship or personal best (or all 3!).

So if you want to give your sport a 100% shot then this is for you!

Experience Your Greatest... Consistently!

Manage your fears and your performance increases dramatically, a relaxed muscle is a fast muscle, a relaxed muscle is a strong muscle.

So don’t let people tell you it’s all about physical practice and hard work, it is not about pushing through a ‘rough patch’

Did you know that 1 hour of mental rehearsal is equivalent to 7 hours of physical exertion???

Any athlete can spend 4 to 6 hours physically or more per day mastering their chosen sport – not ‘every’ athlete can win.

The winners are determined by the differences in their ‘thoughts’ and their ‘beliefs’ which are governed by their ‘imagination.’

Call it unfair, call it ‘woo woo’ or call it crazy… it’s true and… so are the results. You will experience life differently when you take control of that one thing that may have failed you in the past… your mind.


Time to fly!

ONLY make this decision when… you are ready to apply ‘everything’ I teach you, which in a nutshell includes…

Introduction –    Awareness, without awareness, nothing changes! This gives you an idea of how the mind works and why it does what it does!

Week 1

All about you, now is the time to make a decision for you and take control of that one thing you can control… YOU!

Week 2

Limitations, what limits our potential change, how do I and how long does it take? Emotions, how to manage them and change them to benefit you!

Week 3

Potential, everything you need to be successful is within you now, how do you access this? How to set an “In the zone” switch that allows you to turn on and off when needed!

Week 4

Target, why are you doing all this training and competition for??? This powerful process alone changes lives!

Week 5

Programs, what are the computer programs you are running? What programs would you like to run?

Week 6

Training, imagine training 7 hours a night as you are sleeping. Improving technique and repairing injuries!

Week 7

Deepening, all the changes and improvements become automatic at this point. Great things just happen and easily!

Week 8

Celebrating, motivation is not possible without a destination, this is a time to celebrate and reflect on the future based on what you have now experienced.

OK... so what is the investment?

$495 ($ USD) for the 8 week program.

this is over $2800 of value

All the recordings, workbooks, resources and 12 months enrollment into the Elite Mindset Institute.

The content in this program is equivalent to the Strategy Session and 4 face to face sessions... and you get to keep the recordings.

And what is this cost really when it comes to securing your future in sport?

A new $ contract

Selection on a team?


A Gold medal?

A premiership?

The life of your dreams?

And if you don't think this happens... ask one of the 36 World Champions I have worked with.

Ask the football (soccer) Superstar in Europe who had his contract renewed from 3.5 to now over 7.5 million Euro per year in 3 years.

Get Your Mind Into Gear!

The 8 weeks of content will introduce you to brand new concepts and question beliefs, it will help you become aware of your own personal blockages and also how to trigger new mind – muscle responses for optimised performance and some of these processes include…


Self empowerment


Fear management


Future focused success


Emotional Protection

Uncovering and using existing Resources to benefit you


Modelling excellence


Capturing previous and future success memories and feelings


Allowing your mind to process deeper with MP3 recordings


And just like a computer… we delete old programs and reboot you with the new!

And of course, visualisations and affirmations can help and my question is...

Are you visualising the right way?

Poorly implimented visualising can be taking you backward. 

You need a Mindset Specialist :

One of the greatest frustrations of mine… coaches and parents who are not trained in peak performance mindset giving advice to athletes about how to maximise their performance mindset. Any previous experience you have had with people telling you how to think differently... let it go. Unless they are, or have been in full time practice, or written a book on it and have a true passion for helping athletes perform at their best and have the results to prove it.

I am not a coach, I hate golf, I am not a PT and have no idea about diet for your ultimate performance. What I do is mindset and, I do it incredibly well. I do not give advice in any other area.

With 9 years in martial arts and competing at the elite level and with 13 years helping create champions, you can imagine the level of effort and mastery I have put in to creating this package. This combination, gives you the SECRET of winners (that’s 21 years of refined experience delivered in just 8 weeks!).

Obviously, I can’t guarantee you will be a winner just by going through all this material and applying it,  you will have the tools to and allow you to unlock your own inner potential to go forth and WIN.

And here is a note… just one of these tools applied correctly and consistently will create an incredible life.

Hard work isn’t enough… not just in the physical realm.

Apply your mind to full effect and you’re as close as you possibly can be to unlocking the winner within you.

And I’d love to join your journey, I have some incredible friends who are household names because of the connection and commitment we have to each other. I want to see you succeed, I want to be that Secret that got you the results.

As a bonus and if required, I’m also available for one to one coaching, this is external to the online Athlete’s Secret Weapon Program, so if you’re not one of those people that can take bite sized information and apply it effortlessly to your own life I am here to help.

There is enough information in this report itself for you to apply to improving your performance. You just have to decode it… see what I mean? Coaches and parents will not be able to help you. I think I have given away all the secrets, just like google has all the answers, you need to know where to look and how to do it!

Creating champions is in my blood and I am pleased to be able to share my passion and abilities with you in creating the path in life for the champion within you.


Stuart Walter

The Athlete's Secret Weapon

76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead QLD 4006, Australia